How to sell on Instagram via ELISA

In modern days, social media has taken quite a big step into our daily lives, where we spend a lot of time socialising with friends and family, but also keeping an eye on everything that happens – both in our local areas, but also within the fields of our interests. It is easier than ever before to find others who share these interests, and you can easily discover new products and get new inspiration throughout the plethora of influencers and online stores, that all specialise in various fields, with everything from makeup and clothing to home decorations. And all of this grows faster than ever on Instagram.

The platform is built around visual elements in the form of pictures and videos, which gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your business’ products, without all the hassle of building up a traditional website with normal approaches to showcasing. This way, you also have the perfect opportunity to interact with the users and potential customers, leaving them with a much better overall impression.  

Instagram has helped many smaller businesses build and grow a community and a customer base, but the problem has always been in the limitations of the platform. While it has given you the option to showcase your products and services, it has always been necessary to direct them to your online store or to make every transaction a more manual task through direct messaging. That was true until the emergence of ELISA.

What is ELISA?

ELISA is a service that allows you to sell your products directly through Instagram videos and photos. I can even be done through livestreams as well. You set up the shop through Instagram and implement ELISA in your methods to make it all much easier. You don’t have to change the way you do things or how you prefer to post or anything; you can continue to do things the way you always have, and you can of course keep optimising this through normal practices and trends. The only difference is that you now get the opportunity to sell your products without having to lead the customer to a different site to do this. This makes the entire transaction easier for both you and your customers by streamlining the entire process.

Redirecting burns customers

The advantages of selling directly through Instagram are easy to find, but the biggest is found in the retention of customers. Redirecting to a different site will always cause a noticeable drop in sales, because it takes the customer out of the zone; the change of environment and pace might make them reconsider the sale, and the hassle of going through the redirect and various other hoops related to a regular website is something that might put off some of your potential customers.

By selling through Instagram and using a service like ELISA, you get an extremely effective approach on how to sell on Instagram, which will give you more customers and less hassle.